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Jade Helm “going live”

Many people have been debating whether jade helm “going live” is happening, is going to happen, might happen, or never will happen. Neither of these things matter. What matters is this subject puts fear in the hearts and minds... Read more

Still working for the man? This holiday season, give your boss the gift of quit.

Well it’s been awhile since I have written a blog. I’m just going to get into it. I had a baby. We named him Neo. He was born free in a hospital without a government birth certificate or a... Read more

Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.

An update from a full time agorist: As we enter into the “won’t you be my neighbor phase”, I continue to prepare Freedom’s Phoenix, Social Networking to be ready for anything. We have been able to document the dome... Read more
9 DIMES 145x145 AD SPACE

Agorist Communities

I was talking with my friend Jay the other day, and he suggested the idea that what economy really is, is community. I thought about it, and I agreed with what he was saying. I decided to write a... Read more

60 Agorists and 10,000 hits

Agorist Marketplace is here always, to help support your agorist business. Yesterday was cyber monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year. I know there are still many people who haven’t even started shopping, I know I haven’t.... Read more

Caravan to Libertopia

Once again, we are headed to Libertopia. Agorist Marketplace is continuing to build further into the future. One day, I envision a future where everyone has a their own flag flying high on their poles. Communities filled with homes... Read more

Jericho and Agorism

I’ve been watching Jericho lately, and if you haven’t seen it, it is a must watch on netflix if you have it! otherwise it is worth owning! This show really helps me understand the importance of coming to a... Read more
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Porcfest or BUST?

This will be my second Trip to Porcfest. My first trip in 2011 was unforgettable. I believe it was the time where my feet became firmly planted as an anarchist. I like to refer to myself as a voluntaryist... Read more
eco mama

Eco Mama, Personal Trainer, and the Muslim Agorist!

♥Agorist Marketplace is continuing to connect with many agorists. It is amazing getting to meet all these different people, to learn what they do and create and to be able to come to an environment where we all can... Read more

What the heck is FINCRYP PKTP VAULT???

PKTP stands for: Public Key Transaction processor What the heck is a Public Key Transaction processor? From the inventor: A long time ago on a slightly different internet… I had a dream, a passion, a belief that we could... Read more