Jade Helm “going live”

Many people have been debating whether jade helm “going live” is happening, is going to happen, might happen, or never will happen. Neither of these things matter.
What matters is this subject puts fear in the hearts and minds of people. It continues the idea that the military and the people will face each other in war like environments.

We already live in the livestock management program, with cameras on many corners, tags on your cars, and registrations and permits for anything and everything else you want to do.

Many young people who join the police force were trained in Iraq and Afghanistan to enter people’s homes without warrants etc. They were trained to accomplish this sort of thing, and now find comradery in the police force. It could happen in America, but that doesn’t mean it will.

When will the madness end?

I created this map to show people that they need not fear.
There are many Decentralized Love Zones that exist. You may be living near one already.

It had been a long time, but on the #undocumentedhuman #bitcoin #tour, I hugged a cop.

I believe if there “was” a plan, and it “did” get inacted, that there are so many people who have chosen the path of love, that any aggression would stop in it’s tracks.
Be aware, Fear is the mind killer.

These are the love zones I am aware of that exist withing the invisible borderlines otherwise known as states.

#jadehelm #lovezones #fearisthemindkiller #alexjones #livefree #agorism #jackfest #love #voluntarism #falseflag #terror #attack

#jadehelm #lovezones #fearisthemindkiller #alexjones #livefree #agorism #jackfest #love #voluntarism #falseflag #terror #attack

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  1. tehila says:

    this article makes no sense and has no details.

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