Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.

An update from a full time agorist:

As we enter into the “won’t you be my neighbor phase”, I continue to prepare Freedom’s Phoenix, Social Networking to be ready for anything.

We have been able to document the dome event and the Monsanto march using livestream. Click here to see the events.

Everyday I pick different articles mostly pertaining to self sustainability, new technologies, food freedom information, etc, and I post them on Ernie’s Tumblr and Pinterest. I am able to use my ipad for almost everything.
Being able to do things from a portable device instantly through multiple networks is a dream come true. The future is at our fingertips, and I am very excited to be a part of it.

I have created a few boards on pinterest, new photos and articles including links to Daily archive videos. They are posted here:
Freedom’s Phoenix Digital Ezine
Live Shows
Field Trips
Freedom’s the Answer what’s the Question?
Favorite Freedom’s Phoenix Headlines
Radio show
If you are on pinterest, follow Ernie’s Boards to keep updated on current happenings on the farm, radio, and website.

My biggest goal this week has been to share archived videos of the show on the multiple Facebook Pages.
So if someone is a fan of the Freedom’s Phoenix, Declare your Independence with Ernest Hancock, or Safegunowners facebook page, they will have instant access to view the video right then and there. So every morning I share these videos on the different networks. I don’t know if the video views are rising, but I would imagine with instant access they will.
I also share the vimeo videos on Ernies Tumblr and Pinterest.

We are still working to incorporate stumbleupon, digg, and continue working with reddit.

This Friday I will be on the show to talk about the March against GMO’s, and the social networking work I have been doing. I will also be helping Ernie to understand Instagram, so that we can get him posting updates around the farm on a daily basis. I have been updating pictures from different events, and testing out the #hashtags. It is very important when building a brand to note things properly. Whether that be a meme with a website, or a Word with a clickable link, or a #hashtag like #freedomsphoenix, and #ernesthancock. Hash tags allow you to search based on a subject.
You might find it fun, to post a picture of “Freedom” with the hashtag #sytycd or something like that, to help draw in the “so you think you can dance” crowd, You will find, like in any culture, spurts of excitement. If you include a mainstream word like love, posts can get lost in the mix, but if it has just the right attention, you might be able to spread an idea just that much further.

If you haven’t already, please join Ernie’s social networks, you don’t want to miss out on anything exciting! I look forward to seeing your comments and likes.

If you have a news story you want shared, please visit and watch the tutorials to become a reporter.
If you haven’t already subscribed, you won’t want to miss out on the special articles in the digital online ezine, only available to subscribers. The monthly ezine is full of articles from different liberty and freedom activists all over the world. You won’t want to miss it.

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