60 Agorists and 10,000 hits

Agorist Marketplace is here always, to help support your agorist business.

Yesterday was cyber monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year. I know there are still many people who haven’t even started shopping, I know I haven’t.

This holiday season is extra special. It is the first year that I am able help you connect with businesses that are free of the state. Businesses that do not allow the force and coercion of the state to have any involvement in their business. These businesses offer a special opportunity to help us free ourselves of Federal Reserve slave notes, by accepting alternative currencies to FRNs. Whether bitcoin, gold, silver, barter, trade etc., we can be one step closer to freedom, by supporting these businesses this holiday season.

Have you had a chance to fashion the silver economy? Check out the Don’t Tread on Meme Marketplace. They are showcasing some of their favorite agorists. Click here to see more from DTOM.

Please take some time to look around to see if you find your holiday needs here.

In welcoming the new year, I would also like to announce The Jackalope Freedom Festival 2013. Agorist Marketplace will be there again, making corndogs/french fries/coffee/and more. Please visit the website for more information.

Have a happy holiday season, stay warm and drink lots of eggnog!

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