Porcfest or BUST?

This will be my second Trip to Porcfest. My first trip in 2011 was unforgettable. I believe it was the time where my feet became firmly planted as an anarchist. I like to refer to myself as a voluntaryist as well, because of the negative connotation that comes with anarchist. What people just don’t understand is that, anarchists can be non-violent too, and  all of the anarchists I know do follow the NAP principle. The non aggression principle is what will make the difference is finding peace in the future. A co-slave of mine said to me the other day, ” We wouldn’t have peace without the government.” I just stared at him in awe. I don’t know when this “country” has ever known peace. I know that back in public indoctrination camp, they taught us that in order to not repeat the past, we had to study history. So we learned about this war and that, and since I have been alive, all we have seen is war. In 2010 6,000 veterans committed suicide. I have read that lately the moral is even lower. I know that it will only get worse the longer we support war, the longer we support the troops, the longer we support indoctrination camps, and the longer we support funding it.

The sooner we find alternative ways to use alternative currencies to purchase the things we need for our daily lives, the sooner we will find freedom. That is what is so awesome about porcfest, everyone there understands this. They are excited about a future free of oppression, brutality, and force. They are excited to run their own businesses free from state control. They understand that with technology like the internet, it is easy to inform people when someone does wrong to another, to then warn others. We have grown into arbitrators that can naturally negotiate an agreement between two other people. We have learned of spontaneous order and have seen it demonstrated at many activist events.

It is amazing to live in a time where we can create alternative economic communities to free ourselves from any control others try to have over us.

This year porcfest is going to be even better then the last! We will have the TANC brought to you by Don’t Tread on Meme and Freedom’s Phoenix. There will be stateless marriages! A completely free market with food, parties, goods, education, speakers, and many events! Daily workouts with Stephanie from PorcTherapy! You can’t miss Flaming Freedom’s Bigger Gayer Dance Party! and of course The 2nd Annual Liberty Roast!

Agorist Marketplace will be hanging near the Freedom’s Phoenix Site! You won’t be able to miss us with Ernies big dome!!! and I mean really it’s a big giant dome!!

A Porcfest Map has been created!

Message me if you want details added!

MARV  will be raffled!! You don’t want to miss that!

For those that have been around for awhile…Check out this Trip down Memory lane from an old Liberty On Tour post.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and becoming free together! Stop by and check out our new connections!

Lastly a special treat if you missed it!


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